Creative Production House

NYRA Studio is an A to Z Production House. We not only value creativity, but the entire production journey—from the spark of an idea through the full spectrum of pre-production, production, and post-production. Concept creation & production execution for company profiles, advertisements, documentaries and digital content, we can do it all.

Production Support

We also dive into the realm of long-form storytelling, producing captivating movies and series. With two of our founders boasting a rich background as seasoned producers, having successfully helmed popular series for Indonesia's leading streaming network, we look forward to managing and giving support to more and challenging productions.

IP Development

At NYRA Studio, ideas fuel our passion to create engaging and intriguing stories. Our team of seasoned screenwriters and filmmaking experts not only crafts compelling stories for movies and series but also transforms your ideas into other invaluable creative assets, such as books, songs and decks. We are committed to meticulous crafting, protection of your ideas, and collaborative efforts to make your intellectual properties valuable.

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