History of Kretek


Cigarette Product Shot

Client: Wismilak
Agency: Kitacomm

With agency Kitacomm, we developed a dynamic video that goes back to the roots of how Kretek cigarettes were found to the development of the industry in this modern day.

Code Helix

Client: X Sinemart
NYRA Studio alongside Kebon Studio and director Verdi Solaiman designed a virtual fantasy world that shows how a professional hacker works in cracking and accessing the digital world.

KPK - Survei Penilaian Integritas

Client: KPK
Agency: GIZ

In socializing KPK's corruption prevention tool, we used metaphors such as tree parasites to K-Drama situational to illustrate how corruption works and how to prevent it.



C40 Cities Animated Videos

Client: C40 Cities
We had the opportunity to collaborate with talented illustrator and animator to create a series of animated videos showcasing C40 Cities Finance Facility's portfolio.


Quezon City