Company Profile

The Story of Wismilak


History of Wismilak

Client: Wismilak
Agency: Kitacomm

With agency Kitacomm, we developed a dynamic video that goes back to the roots of how Kretek cigarettes were found to the development of the industry in this modern day.

E-Bus Trial Project

C40 Cities - Hospital Improvement

Client: C40 Cities
We were assigned to create a short documentary about the support of C40 Cities in several areas in Indonesia towards the implementation of green energy usage in medical facilities.

Hospital Improvement for Green Recovery

GIZ x Transjakarta

Client: Transjakarta
Agency: GIZ

C40 CFF is working jointly with PT. Transportasi Jakarta on a 100 E-Bus Trial Project as Jakarta is heading towards sustainable urban life with better air quality.

Transjakarta - Company Profile


Transjakarta - Face Recognition

Transjakarta - BISA

Client: Transjakarta
We create Transjakarta Company profile and introduce their newest platform, "Face Recognition Ticketing System" to simplify the process of ticket booking for commuters. We also created a statement video that shows Transjakarta's principal beliefs and ethics.

Batik Keris

Batik Keris

Client: Batik Keris
Agency: Mahija Studio

With agency Mahija Studio, we explored the history of Batik Keris and how the company continues to be the leading batik company in Indonesia.