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AP Ultraflex

AP Boots - Pakai Itu

Client: AP Boots
Agency: Yoodeo Global Media

A series of 6 videos exploring outlandish situations with AP Boots, designed to help make fieldwork easier on the feet.

AP Medic

AP Safety

AP Chef

AP Moto

AP Bike

Can I Do It?

ASUS: Vivobook - Wilda Situngkir

To be or Not to be

It’s Not a Question Anymore

Client: ASUS
Agency: Leon Playgrounds

We got offered to create product knowledge videos for ASUS that also included heart-warming stories that are relatable to the viewers.

ASUS: Vivobook & Zenbook

Finding the First Step

ASUS: Zenbook - Reynaldi Rifaldo

To the Next Journey

Keep Hustling to the Top

Vivobook 13 Slate OLED

ASUS: Vivobook - Stephanie Agatha

Vivobook Go 14 Flip

Zenbook S 13 OLED


KPK - Survei Penilaian Integritas



Client: KPK
Agency: GIZ

In socializing KPK's corruption prevention tool, we used metaphors such as tree parasites to K-Drama situational to illustrate how corruption works and how to prevent it.


Wahana Visi Indonesia - PANCA Aksi


Adaptasi Kebiasaan Baru

Remaja PANCA

Client: WHO X Wahana Visi Indonesia
In light of Covid-19 pandemic, we have worked with Wahana Visi Indonesia and WHO to bring awareness to health protocols in an entertaining way and easy to consume.

Gojek - #UdahSaatnya

Gojek - #UdahSaatnya

Client: Gojek
Agency: Leon Playgrounds

With this video campaign, GOJEK aims to help their users meet their family and friends in a safe way and to lessen any worries when leaving the house.

UOB: Lady’s Card

UOB: Lady’s Card

Client: UOB
Agency: VMLYK

By showing an energetic and passionate woman who radiates beauty and elegance, we build an image of independent and assertive personality in this commercial.

On a Roll

AP Boots: AllBike

Poppin’ Bottles

Client: AP Boots
Agency: Yoodeo Global Media

In this series of dancing videos, we managed to show the flexibility of the AllBike product as footwears. Not only are the shoes comfortable for biking but also for dancing as well.

Totem Collection

Alenka & Margo

Fire Collection

Client: Alenka & Margo
Photoshoot & video production for Alenka & Margo, a local jewelry brand. We are trusted to create their full campaign for their Totem collection.

Teddy Adhitya

Levi’s: Engineered Jeans

Widika Sidmore

Philip Ponk

Client: Levi's
Agency: FCB

NYRA Studio collaborated with FCB Agency and Levi’s Indonesia in creating video and photo campaigns for Levi's relaunch of 1999's most famous jeans that revolutionized the denim industry.