Founded in 2019, NYRA Studio has embarked on a captivating journey, initially weaving the artistry of short documentary filmmaking and subsequently flourishing into a haven of complete production services for advertisements and commercial series. We have created a rich tapestry of diverse content for a spectrum of clients. From the eloquence of company profiles to the enchantment of episodic series, our portfolio is an ever-expanding garden of creativity

The Founders

Adhytia Putra
Business Director / Producer

Nadina Habsjah
Director / Producer

Yusgunawan Marto
Director / Creative Director

Adhyt obtained his documentary photography degree in London College of Communications; some of his works have been shown in the joint exhibition in London College of Communications and in the LifeFrame exhibition in Rome. Adhyt is now a photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and one of the founders of NYRA studio. In NYRA studio, Adhyt utilizes his penchant for conceptual exploration to find suitable approaches for the stories the team is working on. Ever since he created NYRA Studio, Adhytia has produced documentaries, advertisements, digital contents, short films and also OTT Series.

Nadina started her filmmaking journey when she entered University of Technology Sydney, Australia, studying Media Arts and Production. After she finished her Masters degree, she decided to return to Indonesia and created NYRA Studio with Adhytia Putra and Yusgunawan Marto. Nadina has co-produced several series for, such as Ratu Adil (2024), Katarsis (2023) and Code Helix (2022), as well as co-produced several feature films under BASE Entertainment, such as Quarantine Tales (2020), Guru-Guru Gokil (2020) and Perempuan Tanah Jahanam (2019). She serves as a Producer and Director at NYRA Studio.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Houston in 2013 with a focus in cinematography, Yusgunawan worked as a videographer and editor before returning home to Jakarta in 2015, where he created NYRA Studio with Adhytia Putra and Nadina Habsjah. He has directed Regional, TV, and Digital commercials for national and multinational brands such as Unilever, Gilette, Haleon, Google, ASUS, and several State-Owned Enterprises. An aspiring screenwriter, he also leads the IP development team in creating long-form content. He serves as Film and Creative Director at NYRA Studio.

Meet Our Services

NYRA Studio is an A to Z Production House. From the spark of an idea through the full spectrum of pre-production, production, and post-production, we can help you.